Bree's New World at Insitu

Bree's New World possesses an extensive assortment of domestically produced, modern furniture that enables consumers to give expression to their interior in many ways.

The collection designer of chairs, tables, easy chairs, sofas, cabinets and sideboards intends to fit the needs and wants of a divergent spectrum of modern furniture lovers. You may categorise the products as both modern and designer, but it is probably even more noteworthy to state that by purchasing a Bree's New World product, you bring in a quality piece of Dutch furniture of distinctive design.  

Whether you like to furnish your entire interior or just prefer to replace or add a few pieces of furniture, Insitu would be pleased to assist in your quest for your ultimate combination of furniture.  

At Insitu we can supply any Bree's New World item that is available for sale in the UK, this includes Stools, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables and a wider range of Dining Chairs. 

The latest Forest Extending Table is now on show in addition to the  Gaucho  Armchair, Crete Dining Chair, Spin and Luna stools , but please contact the shop 01905 613515 for orders and full details and assistance.