Clearance :: Ekstrem Chair :: Insitu Furniture by Jonathan Macmillan

Ekstrem Chair


Ekstrem by Varier is a unique piece of furniture, Designed by Terje Ekstrom in 1984, that allows you to sit in multiple positions on a three dimensional sculpture.

The design consists of a steel frame covered in soft foam and woollen knit upholstery.

Undeniably a showstopper and a fantastic piece of post modern artistic design.

Upholstered in Knit Shaded Spruce fabric.

Knit is a bespoke woolen upholstery textile by Devold. Knitted from one continuous thread, it provides an elasticity which is essential when fitted to the chair’s organic shape. The knitted fabric is soft and breathable and features a classic quadratic pattern.

W 72 cm x D 70 cm x H 79 cm. Seat height 43 cm.