Lighting :: Collectiviste Calypso 150cm Floor Lamp :: Insitu Furniture by Jonathan Macmillan

Collectiviste Calypso 150cm Floor Lamp


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  • Series: Calypso
  • Material: Kiln Fired Stained Glass
  • Bulbs Required: 3

Made in Bali respecting traditional artisan methods. The coloured glass is hand painted then fused in a traditional stone-fired kiln creating a fantastic stained glass effect.

The lamp emits a gentle, coloured light. The main objective of the stained glass range is to add pops of colour and interest to spaces. They are extremely attractive both on and off and can be used as much for the modern art effect as for their lighting qualities.

Caution: As these items are handmade, it is possible that there may be some slightly protruding shards. 

Height 150cm Diameter 22cm

Picture shows 200cm taller version as well.