Collectiviste Elara 100cm Floor Lamp

Collectiviste Elara 100cm Floor Lamp


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  • Series: Elara
  • Material: White Capiz Shell Fragments
  • Bulbs Required: 2

The Elara range is handmade from natural white capiz shell fragments. Capiz is the inner lining of an oyster shell that is abundant in Indonesia. The oysters are edible, but rather than wasting the shells, we then purchase and upcycle them into beautiful, sustainable lighting designs. Elara offers wonderful, shimmering accent lighting. The light emitted from this range is very clean and natural, making them particularly suitable for darker corners or spaces with low levels of natural lighting. The natural colour palette means they complement a wide variety of interior design schemes, both modern and traditional. Perfect for adding texture and incorporating an element of nature into glossy, ultra modern spaces.

Elara comes in a wide variety of designs from table and floor lamps through to various ceiling pendants and wall mounts. The wide variety of shapes, sizes and types means that they can work well in both large and small spaces. The range works very well when layered to provide ambient, decorative and task lighting.

Elara mixes and matches well with Callisto

Product Type:
  • Lamp