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Rom at Insitu

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Insitu shows the most comprehensive collection of the high quality luxury Living room furniture by ROM. 

Insitu's seating collection from Rom have the benefit of the 10cm iRom configurator allowing you to dictate the size and features of your sofa. You choose the width in increments of 10cm so you can create anything from an 80cm wide armchair to a 4 x 4 metre corner sofa, you decide the size to best fit your living space. With our instore iPad App we can design your sofas in store and include some innovative features including options of reclining seats, heated seats, sofabeds, choice of arms, variable seat depths as well as adjustable low or high back headrests.  All of these features are available to experience in the shop.

ROM Elements Range Vegas design

ELEMENTS by ROM - the very first modular ROM collection that combines the flexible and modern look of modules with consistent customisation and a fully individual configuration. Bringing versatility, comfort & style together, with a modern silhouette and vibrant colour palette. We have the designs that your desires demand!. 

Insitu is currently displaying the new Davis collection, the Tofane, Tasman, Egmont and Paradiso designs, all of which are part of the 10cm configurator collection. These exclusive designs have additional features to consider including heated seats and much more.  Just ask a member of staff to show the easy to use  iPad, and we can illustrate an accurate 360 degree view of the arrangement being considered and allows choice of the width and, for example, leg height and colour.

Insitu also has the latest Alva Design and the Rico Chair designs on show, with a swivel, wooden or Metal base the Rico chair design on display is perfect for small space or a bedroom. For more information call us on 01905 613515 or email