Rom Pomona

Get a free reclining seat worth over £500 with any Pomona order. One free reclining seat per order, applies to chairs, sofas and corner groups of any size. For example:

For more details on how to receive this offer please call 01905 613515 or visit us in store.

The Pomona range is part of ROM's 20cm concept which allows you to decide the sofa's width in increments of 20cm. With a number of intelligent configurations to choose from, the Pomona combines both comfort and function perfectly to create the ideal sofa for your living space using Insitu's in-store iRom app on our iPad.

The iRom app allows you to design the perfect sofa or armchair for your home, displaying your choice in the many fabric, leather and colour options available.


    Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm. This allows you to decide the dimensions of your sofa to fit exactly where you would like it.

    Headrest with rack rail system and axis extension provides head and neck support when needed.

    Choice of 2 seat interiors: Fifty5 Foam or Boxspring+ which offers a firmer sit than the Fifty5 Foam.

    2 seat depths: S or L (3cm difference) allowing that extra depth for longer legs.

    2 armrests available: Compact or Basic. The Basic arm is more cushioned whilst the Compact provides a narrower arm.


    Choose from a wide range of fabrics and leathers suitable for a variety of environments. Certain fabrics use AquaClean Technology which allows most marks to be removed with just a damp cloth. Two tone colour options available.

    Zero-wall relax option (electric) - wall hugger, no clearance needed. Also available for the Longchair: +/- 20cm. Reclining seats that ensure that no extra gap is needed behind the sofa for your reclining seats.

    Contrast stitching possible for leather and certain fabrics at no extra charge. Choice of 14 thread colours.

    Vario (electric): This allows you to extend the seat depth electronically.

    Battery (one battery pack for all electric options). Choose the location of the charging connector. Save having your sofa plugged in all of the time for any electric functions you choose such as Reclining Seats or the Vario depth adjustment function.

    Zen (electrically adjustable headrest). An optional extra that allows your headrest to be controlled by the touch of a button.

    Warm up (heating for seat and lumbar area). Provides unique under seat heating that provides luxurious warmth in colder temperatures.

    Aladin Sofa Control available as an optional extra. This app allows you to control the many electric functions that are available in the Pomona design from your smart phone, tablet or iPad.

    Home Cinema with storage space and USB port. Shelf of the storage space available in 3 colours: white, silver and black.

    Audiofix, a universal speaker bracket and trunking system available for home cinema sofa arrangements.

*For special offers and assistance please call 01905 613515

Rom Pomona B280 Basic arm
  • Save
£2,760.00 £2,346.00
Rom Pomona B260 Basic arm
  • Save
£2,590.00 £2,202.00
Rom Pomona B240 Basic arm
  • Save
£2,419.00 £2,056.00
Rom Pomona B220 Basic arm
  • Save
£2,246.00 £1,909.00
Rom Pomona B200 Basic arm
  • Save
£2,076.00 £1,765.00
Rom Pomona B180 Basic arm
  • Save
£1,903.00 £1,618.00
  • Save
£1,404.00 £1,193.00