A perfect balance between contemporary style and extreme comfort, the Tasman is one of our most versatile made to measure sofas.

Choose from a wide variety of optional extras to get your comfort just right, from adjustable headrests and seat depths to an intelligent sofa control remote.


  •  Choice of size, by steps of 10cm.
  •  2 armrest widths available.
  •  Choice between small or wide seat partitions.
  •  Available in leather or fabric.
  •  Includes a USB cable when electrical options are ordered.
  •  Choice of leg finishes
  •  Built with iROM 3D configurator in-store.


  •  Aladin Sofa Control available as an optional extra.
  •  Compatible with EasyTouch control.
  •  Option of manual seat adjustment, Glider.
  •  Heated seats available as an optional extra.
  •  Electrically adjustable headrests available as an option.
  •  Elegant (back cushion with adjustable headrest). Selectable per seat. As standard the back cushions are without headrest.
  •  Zen (electrically adjustable headrest with the Elegant back cushion option).
  •  Relax (zero-wall reclining mechanism) - wall hugger, no clearance needed.
  •  Maxrelax (reclining mechanism with double motor), zero-wall and wall hugger, no clearance needed.
  •  Glider (manual seat depth adjustment).
  •  Vario (electrical seat depth adjustment).
  •  Warm up (heating for seat and lumbar area).
  •  Turn (90° rotation of the Smartchair seating).

In store we have the I-ROM 3D configurator and staffed trained to help you design your perfect sofa suited to your space.

Please call in store for more details: 01905 613515

ROM Tasman b280 Sofa
  • Save
£2,229.00 £1,895.00
ROM Tasman b260 Sofa
  • Save
£2,089.00 £1,776.00
ROM Tasman b240 Sofa
  • Save
£1,949.00 £1,657.00
ROM Tasman b220 Sofa
  • Save
£1,808.00 £1,537.00
ROM Tasman b200 Sofa
  • Save
£1,668.00 £1,418.00
ROM Tasman b180 Sofa
  • Save
£1,527.00 £1,298.00
ROM Tasman b160 Chair
  • Save
£1,445.00 £1,228.00
ROM Tasman b140 Chair
  • Save
£1,305.00 £1,109.00
ROM Tasman b120 Chair
  • Save
£1,164.00 £989.00