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Varier at Insitu

Insitu is one the most experienced suppliers of the  Varier range of seating, the unique and unconventional range of seating from Norway.

Initially known as the Balans range in its earliest stage of development ,the range of seating has grown from the first designs created in late 70s by the conceptual work of Hans Chr. Mengshoel and the designer Peter Opsvik. The hugely influential Variable chair has been instrumental in the introduction of the forward tilt on all high quality Office seating, and is still one of Jonathan's favourite chairs. Indeed we all use Varier chairs in the shop as we believe they are the best chairs available for use in office and desk seating.

We update our showroom collection regularly so if you have not already tried a Varier chair call us and we can let you know the latest range we have on show and arrange a demonstration the features and show you why the chairs work so well.

Like so many things we do every day without really thinking about it, sitting on something slightly out of the ordinary can be a bit, well, strange at first. Those who have discovered an innovative solution to a problem will recognise that it is sometimes the way of thinking, and those preconceptions that are the stumbling block to so many problems.

At Insitu we prefer to see the wider issues of comfort and allow the customer to discover their own seating to suit their needs with a little guidance from us.

The only way to get a true measure of the seating is of course to try out the chairs. We have a comprehensive range on show including the Gravity, Ektrem, Peel, Kokon, Actulum, Multi, Variable and the Wing chair, but can order from the entire collection.

For more information call us on 01905 613515 or email [email protected]