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Varier Gravity Balans with black lacquered ash frame

Varier Gravity Balans

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Varier Revive 834 Turquoise
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Dinamica Black 9059 Dinamica Dark Blue 9062 Dinamica Green 9186 Dinamica Grey 9154
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Relax into complete weightlessness 

Combine work and relaxation with the super stylish Varier Gravity® Balans chair. A busy lifestyle requires versatile design that meets our work, pleasure and relaxation needs. Sit, relax or fully recline with the versatile Gravity Balans. Totally relax into zero-gravity weightlessness and enjoy the subtle movement as the chair becomes one with your breathing when fully reclined. With the support of a backrest and adjustable neck-rest, your body is perfectly cradled. When upright, the chair tilts the pelvis forward and encourages a neutral, upright spine, which activates and strengthens abdominal and back muscles. Available in a variety of colours and materials.

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  • Tilt forward and kneel, or recline completely for a near zero gravity experience.
  • Rock gently back and forth when fully reclined.
  • Your neck and back are gently cradled and supported.
  • Your abdomen and back muscles work to keep a natural posture when upright.
Product Type:
  • Chair
  • Recliner
Fabric Type:
  • Fabric
  • Leather